Sherlock Holmes Mystery: Team Up for a Investigation City Game

Sherlock Holmes - Amsterdam Murder Mystery

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What to expect

🔍 Turn your city into a thrilling crime scene with our Sherlock Holmes city game!
Crack the case with pals, family, or coworkers, no matter where you are.
Brimming with clever puzzles, brain teasers, and heaps of British wit, it's ideal for team events, business jaunts, or a quirky family day out.

Ready to amp up your city adventure? This game's got you covered!


😄 Perfect for a blast with friends, family, or your significant other.
Great group fun guaranteed!


🕵️‍♂️ Embark on a journey through your city's most stunning spots with our game.
Keep track of your detective work on the suspect board as you go.

Are you the one to crack the case? Let's find out!

Dive into the Liberty Festival's chaos, where freedom turns to mystery.
A man, Balthazar from Homeland Security, is found dead!
With the police stumped, they call in Sherlock, and that's where you come in.

Team up (up to four per device) as Sherlock and Watson.
Unravel alibis, motives, and race to unmask the killer.
The fastest team to find out who the murderer is wins the game! Are you game?

What is not included

⚬ Smartphone or other devices.

Important information

⚬ Fully smartphone-guided game.
⚬ Pause and resume anytime, anywhere.
⚬ Ideal for 2-4 players per device (1 credit/device).
⚬ A 1.5-hour escapade.
⚬ Playable globally, in any city.

❗Don't forget:
⚬ A charged smartphone.
⚬ Internet connection.
⚬ GPS on and ready to go!

🚫 Heads up!
This isn't your typical city tour or guide.
Expect no info on city highlights or interaction with urban landmarks.
It's all about the game!

🇬🇧 Available in English.


Beursplein, 1012 JW Amsterdam

Starting Point


Cancellation policy

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Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours in advance.

For undated experiences:
Cancellations are possible at any time before voucher redemption.



Brownn - USDec 28, 2023 • Verified customer

4 stars

Great game. It was creative and engaging. However, I wish there was a little bit more interaction with the city's landmarks. It's a solid 4 out of 5 stars for me.


Julie - The NetherlandsJan 12, 2024 • Verified customer

5 stars

Had a blast playing this game with my colleagues. It was a refreshing break from the usual team-building activities with a perfect mix of fun, challenge, and teamwork. Highly recommend it for groups looking for a fun day out.

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