Angels & Demons Rome Game: Uncover the Illuminati Plot

Angels & Demons of Rome: The Illuminati Plot

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What to expect

An extraordinary way to explore Rome!
Step into the shoes of Robert Langdon and solve mysteries in this outdoor exploration game!
Use your phone to uncover clues while wandering through Rome's iconic landmarks, including Castel Sant’Angelo, St. Peter’s Square, and the Trevi Fountain.


⚬ Visit the Vatican Square, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and Castel Sant'Angelo
⚬ Learn about the Vatican's secret underground passage
⚬ Discover Rome's hidden gems and stunning squares
⚬ Play as Robert Langdon and thwart the Illuminati plot on a unique Rome tour


This outdoor escape game is a perfect mix of fun, history, and adventure. Discover fascinating facts about Rome's landmarks as you follow a trail of clues to uncover the Vatican's secrets.
Enjoy the flexibility to pause for a coffee or gelato and resume at your convenience. Ideal for families and thrill-seekers alike, this private exploration offers an engaging experience far beyond the usual Rome tour.

Transform into a modern-day Langdon and unravel the Illuminati's plot while discovering the hidden wonders of the Eternal City.

📜 Storyline:
Immerse yourself in the thrilling streets of Rome as you become Robert Langdon from "Angels and Demons."
Embark on a mission to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearances of respected cardinals.

With a perfect blend of historical intrigue and modern-day enigma, this game offers a once-in-a-lifetime challenge of your wit and resourcefulness.

Will you answer the call, Mr. Langdon?

Important information

⚬ This adventure is entirely self-guided via the app.
⚬ No on-site staff or actors; enjoy the game with just your smartphone.

⚠️ Children under 9 may find the puzzles challenging but are welcome to join.

🇬🇧🇪🇸🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🇳🇱 Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.


Piazza della Repubblica, 00185 Roma RM, Italy

Starting Point

Piazza della Repubblica

Cancellation policy

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