Emily in Paris Audio Tour: Uncover Hidden Penpal Stories

Emily in Paris: The Secret Penpal

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What to expect

📺 Discover Paris through Emily's eyes from the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris.

Wander iconic spots like the Louvre and uncover hidden gems.
Relive scenes from the show while learning the true history of each filming location.


⚬ Explore the dark history of a charming square in the Latin Quarter
⚬ Discover the staggering time it would take to see all the art in the Louvre
⚬ Express your love at the famous love lock bridge


After exchanging hundreds of heartfelt letters with your French pen pal, you receive a devastating message: “I cannot write to you any longer; it’s too hard to love you from such a great distance.” Heartbroken, you decide to take a leap of faith—after all, love is worth it.

You board a plane to Paris, determined to find your pen pal and share your true feelings in person.

Important information


Pl. de l'Estrapade, 75005 Paris

Starting Point

Place de l'Estrapade

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