Mysterious Rome City Game: Emperor's Dream Adventure

Mysterious Rome: The Emperor's Dream

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What to expect

📜 Dive into Rome’s wonders with a captivating walking tour! Help a Roman Emperor decipher his mysterious dreams as you explore the Pantheon, Colosseum, and hidden gems of the city.

Use your phone to follow clues and solve puzzles while uncovering the rich history of Rome's iconic landmarks.


⚬ Visit the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Bridge Sant'Angelo, and the Colosseum.
⚬ Follow clues and solve riddles in your surroundings.
⚬ Learn fascinating bits of history through the story of the Emperor and his strange dreams.



The year is 14 AD.
You find yourself in the bustling heart of the Roman Empire – Rome.
As the royal astronomer and trusted interpreter of the emperor's dreams, your latest task is to unravel the peculiar visions haunting the emperor's sleep.

Embark on this immersive experience where each landmark you visit brings you closer to understanding the emperor’s enigmatic dreams and providing him with peace of mind.

Important information

⚬ This adventure is entirely self-guided via the app.
⚬ No on-site staff or actors; enjoy the game with just your smartphone.

⚠️ Children under 9 may find the puzzles challenging but are welcome to join.

🇬🇧 Available in English.


Ponte Sant'Angelo, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Starting Point

St. Angelo Bridge

Cancellation policy

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For undated experiences:
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