Discover Love in Amsterdam: A Romantic Citywide Puzzle and Exploration Game

Romantic Highlights of Amsterdam: Outdoor Escape Game

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What to expect

💑 Embark on a romantic adventure in Amsterdam with our city game!
Solve thrilling challenges and seek out clues, all while savoring serene moments.

Discover hidden courtyards, the abode of a renowned Dutch painter, and bridges steeped in love lore.
Be swept away by tales of Amsterdam's vibrant history and art, echoing our universal yearning for love.


🌷 Uncover the Dutch's deep-rooted passion for tulips, and visit the world's most enchanting theatre.
Explore how Amsterdam led the way in celebrating love for everyone.
Then, wander across the city's charming love bridges.
It's a journey through the heart of romance and beauty in Amsterdam.


💖 Dive into a fairytale adventure in Amsterdam, blending romance with an interactive exploration game.
As Anna, solve puzzles, riddles, and decode mysteries while discovering the city's most romantic and Instagram-worthy spots.
Uncover well-known attractions and quaint, hidden locales, each with their own unique stories.

This journey is as much a narrative odyssey as it is an outdoor escape.

Ready for a romantic escapade that's bound to be story-worthy?

Meet Anna, a young servant yearning for adventure and love, yet trapped in mundane chores.

Today, however, her ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn.
Dreams and fears collide, unfolding a reality straight out of a fairytale.

Will this unexpected twist lead Anna to tragedy or a love that lasts forever?

Important information

⚬ Fully smartphone-guided outdoor exploration game,
⚬ Pause and resume anytime.
⚬ A bunch of cute & instagrammable places.

🇬🇧 Available in English.


Nieuwmarkt, 1012 CR Amsterdam

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Emma, UKJan 04, 2024 • Verified customer

5 stars

Absolutely enchanting! It was a splendid adventure. The storyline was captivating, and the places we visited were reminiscent of scenes from a storybook (much like the entirety of Amsterdam itself, what a truly exquisite city). It's a splendid way to explore the city and delve into its romantic tales.

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