Cityfans: Turn your City Exploration into a Fun Adventure!

The city is your playground. Come outside, connect, and play!

Turn the city into a quest with an outdoor game

Using your smartphone, play a themed game that will take you through a city adventure! Solve puzzles and score points to unlock thrilling stories and unique spots.

Great for:

ExpatsFamiliesGroup of FriendsTeam Building

Guide your own exploration with audio tours

Using your smartphone, follow an interactive map while listening to fun facts, captivating history, and insider tips.

Great for:


Get tickets to the most thrilling immersive attractions

Have your mind blown by unique interactive museums and awe-inspiring digital exhibitions.

Great for:


Play to live the city!

  • Turn life into an adventure

    Live memorable experiences that will shake up the way you enjoy the city.

  • Feel truly connected

    Come outside and dive deeper into the city's magic! Be amazed by what is yet to be discovered.

  • Go beyond the ordinary

    Find out-of-the-box exploration ideas to create unique city memories to last a lifetime.

What is your city story?

Capture your city memories and tag @hellocityfans on social media to share your epic adventures with us!


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