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Hey city explorers! 
At Cityfans, we're all about diving into the heart of city adventures. 

Think of cities as playgrounds filled with hidden wonders, and we're here to help you discover them. 🌍 
Born in 2023, we're the hotspot for the coolest digital city experiences. 
Whether you're a travel buff or a local adventure seeker, we've got something special for you. 
Our platform is a treasure trove of fun: think self-guided tours with a twist, brain-tickling riddle games, and even VR and AR escapades that'll blow your mind! 🤯

With Cityfans, you're not just exploring – you're living the city life in full color.
We stand out with our commitment to top-notch, authentic experiences. 
Our team, experts in travel tech and tourism, handpicks adventures that promise to leave you buzzing for more. 😍

Based in the Netherlands, Cityfans is your indie guide to city love. 
We’re all about sharing our passion for urban exploration and inspiring your next great adventure. 
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