Amsterdam Adventure: Crack the Syndicate Code in a Citywide Escape Game

The Amsterdam Syndicate City Escape Game

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What to expect

🔐 Attention, seasoned thieves!
We've got a high-stakes mission for you.
Our lab's potent formulas, meant for safekeeping, have been swiped by our alchemist, Magnus, for his dark plans.

Your task: track down Magnus, retrieve all six formulas, and save the day.
Succeed and we'll wipe your slate clean.
Ready for the challenge?


😄 Perfect for a blast with friends.
Great group fun guaranteed!


⏰ Time's ticking! We need your quick wit and sharp skills to fix this pronto.
Let's get moving before it's too late!

Get ready for an epic City Escape Game in Amsterdam!
Your mission: recover stolen formulas in 'The Amsterdam Syndicate.'
Dive into this story-rich, role-play adventure, tackling puzzles, riddles, and photo tasks.

Choose your avatar from John, Azita, Burke, Clara, or even Leopold the dog.
Start at Beursplein, weaving through Amsterdam's stunning locales.

Hurry, Magnus awaits! The clock's ticking – join 'The Syndicate' now!

What is not included

⚬ Smartphone or other devices.
⚬ Tour guide.

Important information

⚬ Fully smartphone-guided game.
⚬ Pause and resume anytime, anywhere.
⚬ Ideal for 2-5 players per device (1 credit/device).
⚬ A 1.5-2hour escapade.

❗Don't forget:
⚬ A charged smartphone.
⚬ Internet connection.
⚬ GPS on and ready to go!

🚫 Heads up!
This isn't your typical city tour or guide.
Expect no info on city highlights or interaction with urban landmarks.
It's all about the game!

🇬🇧 Available in English only.


Beursplein, 1012 JW Amsterdam

Starting Point


Cancellation policy

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Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours in advance.

For undated experiences:
Cancellations are possible at any time before voucher redemption.



Mia, PolandJan 04, 2024 • Verified customer

4 stars

It was very nice. Could be a bit easier tho.


Oliver, AustriaJan 10, 2024 • Verified customer

5 stars

It was cool! Walking around Amsterdam while solving puzzles was the perfect mix of adventure and sightseeing. Ideal for groups looking for an exciting challenge in the city! I did it with 2 guys I met at the Hostel. It was fun.

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