Uncover Jewish Amsterdam: A Historic Outdoor Escape Game in the Dutch Golden Age

Jewish Amsterdam: Outdoor Escape Game

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What to expect

🏙️ Dive into a city game exploring Amsterdam's storied Jewish Quarter, the cradle of the Dutch Golden Age.
Wander by ancient temples, uncover tales of diamond factories, canals, master painters, and philosophers.

Ready for a historical adventure in one of Amsterdam's oldest neighborhoods?


🚶‍♂️Unfold the old city's history in a way you've never experienced!
Stroll by the once grandest Synagogue on Earth,
wander through the iconic flea market,
skirt the historic Amsterdam port,
and meander past Rembrandt's home and studio, where his masterpieces came to life.
It's a walk-through history, reimagined!


🕵️‍♂️ Ever curious about the roots of the Dutch Golden Age?
Discover them in Amsterdam's old Jewish Quarter.
It's a 'golden' chance to explore temples and learn about its rich history, from diamond crafting to iconic canals, and the lives of great painters and philosophers.

Navigate this historic area, solving puzzles, riddles, and decrypting codes, as you step into the shoes of a main character in a riveting story.
Venture beyond well-trodden paths to hidden locales with tales known only to locals.

This isn't just a game; it's an immersive storytelling and outdoor escape adventure.

The date is early May 1945.
Amid the final days of WWII, as Canadian troops approach Amsterdam, you, a resistance operative, must gather crucial intelligence from the German-controlled ghetto.

Your mission: navigate the perilous streets, gather information, and aid in liberating the city.
Can you change the course of history?

Important information

⚬ Fully smartphone-guided outdoor exploration game,
⚬ Pause and resume anytime.
⚬ A bunch of cute & instagrammable places.

🇬🇧 Available in English.


Nieuwe Amstelstraat, 1011 PG Amsterdam, Nederland

Starting Point

Nieuwe Amstelstraat

Cancellation policy

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Tomer, FranceJan 09, 2024 • Verified customer

4 stars

It was a moving and immersive experience. Playing a game while walking through historic sites like the Synagogue and Rembrandt's house was a great experience overall.


Rachel, USDec 28, 2023 • Verified customer

5 stars

This experience was incredibly impactful. The blend of historical storytelling with interactive puzzles was brilliant. It offered a deeper understanding of the Jewish community's significant contributions to Amsterdam's culture. Highly recommended for a meaningful and educational adventure.

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