Amsterdam East Interactive Adventure: Discover Hidden Gems & Local Secrets

Amsterdam East: multicultural secrets

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What to expect

🕵️‍♂️ Explore Amsterdam East's hidden gems with our interactive, self-guided game.
Wander through local faves, from quirky cafes to artsy galleries.
Uncover street art, secret statues, and spots that even Google Maps doesn't know about.
Experience a side of Amsterdam that's off the beaten track, but right up your alley.


🏛 Marvel at the Tropenmuseum's stunning architecture.
🌳 Chill in the lush greenery of Oosterpark.
🍎 Explore vibrant street markets.
🍺 Discover a brewery inside a windmill.
☕︎ Our top picks of the coolest local cafes!

❗Price is per group (1-5 people)


🔍 Uncover Amsterdam East like a true explorer! Kickstart your adventure at tram station Plantage Lepellaan, near Artis Zoo. Just click the link in your email, and let the game begin!

Cool stuff you'll learn:
Unearth Amsterdam’s little-known facts and hidden stories.
We’re talking about the juicy details you won't find anywhere else.

Mystery Monuments:
Follow cryptic clues that twist and turn through Amsterdam's streets, making you spot the unnoticed.
Each destination has a riddle to crack – open your eyes, engage your brain, and let your surroundings be your guide.

Enjoy the Journey:
This isn’t just a trail; it's a fresh lens to view Amsterdam.
Even the locals are learning new things with our secret city trails!

Explore the hidden corners of Amsterdam East with our 12-clue adventure!
Each correct guess whisks you to the next cool spot.
Along the way, snag fun tidbits about the city's past and its vibrant culture.
Stuck? Just holler for a hint.

Wander through the quaint lanes of local hotspots.
Uncover hip cafes, artsy galleries, quirky statues, and bold street art.
Spot secrets that most miss and chill at beloved local hangouts, all while seeing a unique twist on famous attractions.

Important information

🌐 Self-guided city adventure via your smartphone.
📱 Play straight from your web browser - no app needed.
🔗 Booking confirmation comes with a web link and all the start/end details.
👥 Team up! 1-5 players for max fun.
⏰ No rush - but daylight's the best light for this game.
🍽️ Local creator's top picks for eats, drinks, and culture along the way.

🇬🇧 Available in English.


Plantage Lepellaan 1018 TD Amsterdam

Starting Point

Plantage Lepellaan Tram Station


Auditory difficulties

Cancellation policy

For experiences that require a selected date and time:
Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours in advance.

For undated experiences:
Cancellations are possible at any time before voucher redemption.

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