Jordaan Mysteries: An Outdoor Escape Game in Amsterdam's Historic Quarter

Highlights of Jordaan Amsterdam: Outdoor Escape Game

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What to expect

🏚️ Venture into the heart of the 400-year-old Jordaan, Amsterdam's storied neighborhood.
Peel back layers of its past, from humble beginnings to a war-torn era.
Discover the local music, explore the shadows of its history, and step into the hideaways of survival.
Join us to unravel the enigma of Jordaan's lost houses.

Ready for a journey through time?


🌿 Dive into the hidden courtyards of Jordaan, and stand where history whispers at the Anne Frank House.
Learn the tales of once murky canals, and wander through the neighborhood's snug streets and picturesque waterways.
It's not just a tour, it's a journey into the soul of Amsterdam.


🧭 Step into Lysa Jansen's shoes in this interactive exploration game and delve into the Jordaan neighbourhood's enigmatic lost houses.
Navigate, solve, and decode your way through a story-driven adventure.
Encounter famous sights and secret local stories.
It's a narrative-rich outdoor escape quest.

Ready for an unforgettable Amsterdam adventure?

As Lysa, you discover a box of old, heartfelt postcards in your mother's attic, all addressed to Anieliersgracht 56, Amsterdam, and signed 'MJ.'
Your curiosity is piqued, you reach out but are met with silence.
The mystery deepens.
Unravel the enigma of the postcards and their sender in the heart of Amsterdam.

Important information

⚬ Fully smartphone-guided outdoor exploration game,
⚬ Pause and resume anytime.
⚬ A bunch of cute & instagrammable places.

🇬🇧 Available in English.


Westermarkt 74, 1016 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Grace, AustraliaJan 10, 2024 • Verified customer

5 stars

Exploring Jordaan with my family through this outdoor escape game was an absolute delight. The combination of storytelling, puzzle-solving, and sightseeing brought a new dimension to our Amsterdam visit. It's an engaging way to discover the city's lesser-known tales and corners.


Emily, CanadaJan 05, 2024 • Verified customer

5 stars

Trying out the Jordaan Game was my first experience with an interactive city game, and it was amazing! The story-driven adventure through Amsterdam's historic quarter was immersive and captivating. It's a unique way to learn about the city's heritage while having loads of fun.

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